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Antigua Buggy Tour

The best way to explore Antigua is on a buggy. Embark on an exciting off-road adventure in Antigua on a guided, 4WD tour. "Antigua Buggy" is a fun shore excursion, where you get to drive your own 4x4 off-road buggy! This is your chance see the what Antigua has to offer! You will be exploring the island as a group. Your tour guide will make several stops along the journey to point out fascinating places of interest.

On this adventurous Antigua Buggy Tour, you can experience the island of Antigua in an up-close and personal way. You will go through the island on roads that only the buggy can handle. Feel the breeze flowing through your hair as we traverse the sand along a beautiful sandy beach, smell the fragrant hibiscus on the country roads and feel the cool air as we pass through the lush, tropical rain forest on Fig Tree Drive. Half way through you will get to enjoy lunch, which is included. It's an exciting shore excursion like no other. Easy to drive – All of the Polaris vehicles are automatic. Come and discover Antigua on a buggy!

You will get to ride through Monk Hills over looking English Harbour, which is an area that cannot be reached by any car so a buggy is the only way to see this spectacular view. Other highlights that you will see include: Antigua's rain forest, Fort George, and Rendezvous Bay Beach.

Experience the rugged beauty of the island as you are taken you off the beaten path. Buggys are either 2-, 4-, or 6-seater depending on your preference.