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American Food Tour of Melbourne Including Queen Victoria Market

Discover Melbourne's newest food trend – Americana. Barbeque, brisquet, bagels, burgers and more. This tour will fill your stomach while teaching you about the special relationship we've had with our neighbours across the Pacific.

It's no secret that Australians share common values with our neighbours across the Pacific. And now, Melburnians are embracing that culture with an American food renaissance. Join our Yankee guides and experience the rich cultural heritage taking hold in our city. Learn about American and Aussie barbecues’ shared heritage, and discover a secret bar playing host to an American tradition from 1869: pinball. And whatever you do, bring your appetite. Yee-haw!

The first stop on our Melbourne tour will be one of Australia’s oldest hamburger stands, serving up that most classic of American meals. You’ll sample some of their hamburger varieties before heading on to learn about how our food gets to the plate in many of Melbourne’s restaurants.        

We’ll get a farm-to-table lesson with a walk through the Queen Victoria Markets. You’ll learn how the markets aren’t just for tourists; this is where many local restaurants stock their kitchens.

Continue on to an authentic local bagel shop, and learn how Australia and America’s bagel tradition derives from a shared heritage from Poland.

From there we’ll move on to a secret bar in the American speakeasy tradition. Did you know that during Prohibition in the USA, illegal bars required clients to keep their voices down, or “speak easy”? Those bars are now all the rage in Melbourne, so of course we need to stop at one.

Finally, we’ll end our Melbourne food tour at an authentic American barbecue restaurant. Here, you’ll learn about the unique cooking techniques that go into making barbecued meat fall right off the bone — so maybe you can recreate some of the Aussie-American flavour on your own grill at home. 

Your tour will end here, but don’t forget to ask your local guide for recommendations of other places to eat while you’re in town.