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Altun Ha Maya Ruins from San Ignacio image 1
108 €

Altun Ha Maya Ruins from San Ignacio

You will be picked up from your hotel at 8am and drive to Altun Ha. You will explore the ruins, have lunch and return to San Ignacio where you will be dropped off back at your hotel.

This is an all day tour. After a 2-hour drive, you will arrive in Altun Ha from San Ignacio. There you will learn about all the cultural history and where the Mayas played their soccer game which is known as Pokatok.

Discoveries of rich tombs indicated that the ruling elite enjoyed access to substantial amounts of exotic goods. Altun Ha was a wealthy ceremonial center boasting two main plazas, thirteen structures including the Temple of the Sun God and the Temple of the Masonry Altars. You are able to climb the ruins and take as many pictures you like. There's a gift shop in case you would like to buy souvenirs. After the tour to the Maya Ruins, you will stop for lunch before returning to San Ignacio.