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Altun Ha Belize City Rain Forest Tour

The Altun Ha Belize City Rain Forest Tour is considered the best Mayan Temple Tour for your shore excursion while in Belize. This tour gives you the benefit of touring Belize City, the countryside, a secondary rain forest and the ancient important ceremonial Mayan City of Altun Ha wrapped up in one tour.

Hop aboard an air-conditioned, 15-seater van and explore the Ancient Mayan Temples at Altun Ha that once thrived as a significant trading post and religious and cultural center during the Post Classic and Classic Periods of the Maya.

This mystical Mayan City is home of the world famous 9 pound jade carving of the Mayan Sun God, Kinich Ahau. Climb some of the majestic temples where elite families once occupied.

After approximately 2 hours of touring this site, you will travel back to Belize City, through a secondary rain forest where your professional guide will point out the various tropical trees and plants while explaining their medicinal benefits still being applied today.

You will then travel through the very calming countryside before arriving at Belize City where your tour guide will take you through the historical sites of the commercial district.