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Aerobatic Thrillseeker Flight Experience

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of advanced aerobatic routines with one of Australia's top aerobatic competition pilots. The Aerobatic Thrillseeker Experience is the most extreme aerobatic biplane flight in Sydney, conducted in the Pitts Special S-2C; the latest version of the famous all-American Pitts biplane. Have YOU got what it takes to ride this airborne equivalent of a V8 super car?

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is NOT for the faint-hearted! This is the most extreme aerobatic biplane flight in Sydney. Upon arrival you will meet a current Australian aerobatic competition pilot who will strap you in and provide you with a safety briefing.

After take-off there is a short transit to the aerobatic area where you will be taken on the ride of your life as you loop, roll, spin and tumble your way across the Sydney skies! Starting with the basics of the loop, roll and vertical reversal, you will be impressed by this modern version of Curtis Pitts’ classic all-American muscle-biplane with it’s 260 hp engine and roll rate in excess of 300 degrees per second.

After your introduction to the basic manouevres, you will experience G-forces of up to +6 and -5 G’s and speeds up to 340 km/hr in manoeuvres such as tail-slides, torque rolls, inverted spins, snaps rolls, rolling turns and many more! Your pilot will show you the true capability of a modern aerobatic aircraft - the Pitts S2C is no 1970’s vintage biplane…this is a competition contemporary ready to fly and win – and YOU can be one of the lucky few to experience its adrenaline-pumping capabilities up close and personal!

After approximately 30-minutes you will return to land, where you will be one of the few to truly understand the unique sensations and exhilaration that aerobatic flight provides.