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Aboriginal Heritage Walking Tour of Kings Park

For one of the most authentic Aboriginal experiences in Western Australia, take a leisurely walking tour in Kings Park with an indigenous guide. Against the background of the Botanic Gardens and Swan River, see plants that traditionally provided food, medicine and shelter; handle tools that were used for hunting and cooking; hear stories of the Dreamtime; and learn of early encounters with European settlers. Your knowledgeable guide makes the city’s Aboriginal past come to life, right in the middle of modern day Perth.

Make your way to Kings Park and the Botanic Garden in Perth to meet your indigenous guide for a 90-minute walking tour.

Your guide’s knowledge and enthusiasm provides remarkable insight into the Aboriginal roots of the now very modern Perth. Feel free to ask questions throughout the tour as you learn about the Nyoongar people who reside in the southwest of Western Australia. The Wadjuk, one of the 14 tribal groups that speak the Nyoongar common language, historically lived within approximately 30 miles (50 kilometers) of Kings Park, and examples of their bush medicine, foods and Dreamtime legends can still be found here today.

Walk over to the Kimberley Garden to marvel at the majestic boab tree, then smell a local peppermint used to ease colds and congestion. See the native wattle tree, an important source of food and medicine. Continue over to the balga tree, a highly useful grass-like plant harvested for food, medicine and building purposes. You’ll also learn about an array of bush tools used for hunting and making fire and have the chance to handle the tools yourself.

End the tour on a high note with a treetop walk along an arched bridge suspended in the canopy of eucalyptus trees. At the top, soak up panoramic views of Perth, the Swan River and the Botanic Gardens from the sturdy walkway as your guide recounts some ancient Dreamtime stories from the region.