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A Maze'N Things Admission with Optional Phillip Island Chocolate Factory General Entry image 1
23 €

A Maze'N Things Admission with Optional Phillip Island Chocolate Factory General Entry

Enjoy hours of mind-boggling fun at A Maze'N Things, where you can explore indoor and outdoor optical illusions and puzzling delights. Find your way through a giant maze, defy gravity, learn to fly, disappear into a magic box, and more in a world of illusions and puzzles that stretch the imagination and provide lots of laughs. Upgrade to include a visit to Phillip Island Chocolate Factory for a self-guided tour through a chocolate-themed wonderland with interactive attractions and delicious treats.

Make your own way to A Maze'N Things amusement park on Phillip Island. Your entrance ticket includes access to Puzzle Island, the illusion rooms and the giant outdoor maze. Kids of all ages will enjoy a myriad of optical tricks and problem-solving exercises, along with hands-on activities that boggle the mind and provide hours of entertainment.

Step into a giant outdoor maze that can take as long as 45 minutes to navigate (with emergency exits if needed), giving your brain and legs a fun workout in the process. More than a mile (2 km) of passageways keep you busy with a bewildering labyrinth of turns, dead ends and other challenges. Keep an eye out for pirates along the way.

Then head to the illusion rooms, designed to confuse your mind and eyes. In one room your sense of gravity gets a twist, in other rooms you appear to shrink to half your normal size and in yet another you can fly.

Over on Puzzle Island, try to keep your balance in a rotating room, find your way through a mirror maze or drop into the unknown on the lookout slide. Zoom around Phillip Island on flying boogie boards or watch a friend’s head turn up on a dinner table.

Spend as much time as you like seeing the attractions at A Maze'N Things, then make your own way to your next destination.

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory:
Upgrade to include a visit to Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. Learn about chocolate making and enjoy a range of educational, interactive and artistic exhibits on a self-guided tour about the wonders of chocolate.

Check out the chocolate making process, from growing cacao beans through processing them into delectable treats. Over at Panny’s Family Window, a 3D animatronic exhibit follows Panny and his family of chocolatiers during a day at work. Marvel at a wall-size art piece made from chocolate, a model train that chugs through a chocolate village, a robot penguin that dispenses free treats and the world’s largest chocolate waterfall. You can also operate a machine that allows you to design your own chocolate bar or watch chocolatiers at work in the factory kitchen.

If you like, wrap up your experience in the gift shop, which stocks an array of Panny's chocolates along with marzipan, peanut brittle, honeycomb, Turkish Delight and rocky road mix.