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8-Day Tour Through the Natural Beauties and Historical Treasures of the Ionian Coast image 1
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8-Day Tour Through the Natural Beauties and Historical Treasures of the Ionian Coast

This is an unique tour, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best that Ionian coast has to offer. See its cultural jewels and natural wonders. Since ancient times, the Albanian Coast has seen different cultural influences come and go, leaving behind a host of archaeological and historical treasures, such as ancient sites, Roman or Greek cities, hillside castles and fortresses, walled towns, monasteries, churches, mosques, temples and other interesting jewels.

Day 1: Transfer to Tirana and guided tour of the city along with the visit of the National Historical Museum, Et’hem Bey Mosque, Skanderbeg monument, clock tower. Cable car ride to Dajti National Park, where dinner is planned.

Day 2: Durrës and Vlora. Drive to Durrës and guided visit of the city and its Roman amphitheater. After lunch in a restaurant by the sea, drive to Vlorë, where is planed the visit of the old St. Mary’s monastery in Zvërneci island. Dinner and accommodation in Radhima near Vlora.

Day 3: Llogara National Park, Dhërmi and Livadhi Beach. Drive to the National Park of Llogara where a coffee break is planned. On the way to Livadhi Beach, sightseeing tour of the village of Dhërmi. During the day you have the possibility to perform one of the optional activities:
1. Guided walk through the National Park of Llogara (3 hours).
2. Paragliding from the Pass of Llogara to the beach of Palasa (weather permitting).

Day 4: Enjoy sun and relaxation at Livadhi Beach. In the afternoon visit of the old village of Himara and the ruins of the old castle (century IV B.C. until century XVI).

Day 5: Boat trip to Jali and Ngjipe Beach. The first stop of the trip is at the bay, which is called "Aquarium," and then a short coffee break is planned in Jali Beach. Then travel to the canyon and the beach of Ngjipe. It is formed by water erosion and is more than 2km long and 100m deep. Return to Livadhi in the afternoon.

Day 6: Saranda and Ali Pasha Castle. The ancient Butrinti. Drive to Porto Palermo Bay, which was one of the most important military bases during the cold war. Here lies the Castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena, which we will visit. Drive to Ksamil near Saranda and enjoy free time for sun-and sea bathing. In the late afternoon drive to Butrint and visit the ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site, well known since the 7th century B.C. as the most important city of Epirus. Have dinner at the restaurant which lies at "Lëkursi Caste" on the top of a hill overlooking the bay of Saranda.

Day 7: Vlora and boat trip around Karaburun Peninsula. On the way to Tirana, after a short coffee pause in Llogara National Park, and lunch in Radhima near Vlora, embark on a boat trip around Karaburun Peninsula. We will stop at the north end of the peninsula, where the cave of Haji Ali, which is 30 meters long, 10-15 meters high and 9.5 meters wide, lies. After dinner in Tirana, you can spend some pleasant moments in one of the bars of the “Block” area, the most vivid quarter of the city.

Day 8: Transfer to the airport.