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50 Minute Self-Guided Tour of Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors  image 1
11 €

50 Minute Self-Guided Tour of Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors

The tour of the Gallery of Ancestors culminates in the room of silver furniture. Here one can see unique Baroque silver furniture from the Esterházy family Treasure Chamber. The most precious highlight is the opulent silver table by David Schwestermüller, a true masterpiece, both in material and craftsmanship.
The visit lasts about 50 minutes and you can experience it without any guide.

The Exhibition presents the Esterházy Gallery of Ancestors and the Esterházy family tree at Forchtenstein Castle.
A curiosity among the exhibits is the world's only preserved full-figure Portrait of Vlad Tepes, better known as "Count Dracula", who has been "adopted" as a family ancestor.
In the Special Exhibition rooms of the prince's quarters in the castle, the "Princely Halali" exhibition presents four hundred years of hunting tradition.
Inside visit of the Castle.