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4-hour Private Guided Tour Zell am See image 1
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4-hour Private Guided Tour Zell am See

Spend a half day in Zell am See with your private tour guide – just you and your guide. You will walk first in Zell am See´s old town where you will see the typical forgotten architecture which you can only find in the area of the Alps. With your tour guide, you will walk along the famous lake Zell which lies beautiful in between the mountains. After this stroll you will make your way with your tour guide with the bus to Kaprun to take the gondola 3000 meters up the mountains to visit the “Gipfelwelten 3000” where you can find an picturesque view to the glacier world and two scary panoramic terraces for a breathtaking view.

Create your own itinerary based on your person interests and preferences and visit places that only locals know about in the are of Zell am See. We will organize your tour, the transport and the logistics in advance so that you can make the most of your time.

Meet your tour guide at your pre-arranged time and place, probably your hotel. Together with the tour guide you will start your walk around in the center of Zell am See; the famous town in the heart of the Alps and the lake Zell. Your tour guide will explain you about the history of Zell and it’s old buildings. You will visit this idyllic small town and your tour guide will explain you about it´s history and life. He will show show you the most important buildings before you make your way to the lake Zell. You have the opportunity to take a boat tour along the river and take pictures of this picturesque place.

Once you’ll leave the lake Zell, we’ll have a stop in Zell´s most famous coffee shop , where you can taste the typical Tyrolian cake. Afterwards, your tourguide will lead you to the bus stop for a short transfer by public bus to Kaprun. In Kaprun you will take the gondola to over 3000 meters up the Alps to the “Gipfekwelten 3000” in the middle of the alpine glaciers. You will have chance to overcome your fears by walking on two scary platforms over the ground and attend an exhibition or cinema screening about the history of the Alps and the area of Zell am See. On top, the restaurant offers some delicious Tyrolian specialities at one of the two restaurants with stunning views to the surrounding mountains. The tour will end after the return travel by public bus to Zell am See.