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4-Day Wine Tour in Moldova from Chisinau image 1
219 €

4-Day Wine Tour in Moldova from Chisinau

Moldova is becoming a new draw for tourists and Chisinau is its heart and capital. You will visit the biggest underground city and a large collection of wines, the cave monasteries and the main holy places that are located in Moldova’s forest- Codri.

Day 1:
Free day or arriving day, private transfer from Chisinau International Airport to the hotel. Meet with a guide.
Day 2:
Starting at 11am, you will embark on a city sightseeing tour around the main streets of the Chisinau - the capital of Moldova. For guests arriving in Chisinau, there are wonderful stories and legends of the region, historical and ethnographic museums, art galleries and exhibitions, national celebrations, and colorful fairs.

At 3pm, you will visit Cricova: the biggest underground wine cellar in Moldova. Taste 4 types of Moldavian wines. Transfer to hotel.
Day 3:
Depart at 9am to beautiful monasteries in Capriana and Hincu - the holy places in Moldova's Codri forest. The beauty of the surrounding forest, bell ringing, and selflessness of nuns will enchant tourists visiting these monasteries.
At 2pm you will visit the wine cellars of the Milestii Mici Winery. This cellar was introduced in Guinness book with a biggest "Golden collection" of wine- about 2 million of bottles.
Day 4:
Departure with a transfer back to Chisinau International Airport.