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4-Day Camping Trip to the Argentine Mountains from Salta image 1
593 €

4-Day Camping Trip to the Argentine Mountains from Salta

Spend 4 days traversing the ancient Incan trails of the northwestern Argentine mountains. Meet local inhabitants along the way, who will share their lifestyle and stories with you. You will discover ruins and spectacular views, as well as enjoy warm moments sharing dinners at the campfire in your camping site. Break on through the clouds and join this adventure.

Day 1
From Salta, you will take the bus that goes to San Antonio de los Cobres . You will get off the bus at the Gendarmerie outpost of Ingeniero Maury. After checking in the luggage and backpacks for the day, you will be given a boxed lunch and a chance to fill your water bottles before you start walking. The first part is uphill and the trails are well marked and the slopes are mild/moderate but continuous. As you ascend, the Quebrada del Toro will start looming before you in all its glory as well as the snowy peaks of Mount San Miguel and Acay behind the hills. After 3 hours of walking you will reach La Virgen del Caminante.
Your destination is the Sillón del Inca ruins, where your first camp will take place. You will have some spare time to walk around the area at this archaeological site.
Included meals: Box Lunch, Snack & Dinner.

Day 2
Today you will start from Sillón del Inca and the path will lead you over the 3000 meters (10,000ft) above sea level. You walk along one of the most beautiful places of agricultural production in the area, and if you are lucky, you will see condors flying. The path continues, reaching 3418 meters (11,200ft) above sea level. Here the journey will show you one of the most spectacular views of the trip. From this point well above the clouds, you will get to see all the Lerma Valley and the city of Salta.
Then the trail descends accompanied by spectacular views, to the site of your second camp in the company of local people who have their agricultural production ranch. Here you can share experiences and learn about the lifestyle of the current inhabitants of the area.
Included meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Snack & Dinner.

Day 3
The trail leads you closer to the typical wetland forest of Yungas. You leave camp and begin to descend. Here the views are completely different from what they were in the previous two days. After a short hike you find rivers, waterfalls, and that some trees and vegetation begin to grow on the mountains. The trail continues to where two mountain rivers meet. The group continues upstream, and then goes into the Yungas. Here the walk gets more intense.
Included meals: Breakfast, Box Lunch, Snack & Dinner.

Day 4

You begin the last day of the tour, already immersed in Salta Yunga. The trail goes along charming landscapes towards the city of Salta. Walking on the edge of the mountain, you enjoy the flora and fauna of the region. You will come into contact with local inhabitants every few kilometers, who breed their cattle in these inhospitable places.
The last part of the tour will take us to the foot of the city of Salta, in the Quebrada de San Lorenzo. Once in the Quebrada, share a few drinks to end the trip, then return on a bus to the city of Salta.
Included meals: Breakfast & Box Lunch