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3-Hour Nature Winter Hike in Lofoten image 1
65 €

3-Hour Nature Winter Hike in Lofoten

Enjoy a 2-hour hike which we like to define as a beautiful walk immersed in the nature which surrounds us. A nice walk to enjoy the silence, while admiring extraordinary scenery and landscapes and the mountains with their magnificent peaks covered by white snow. 

With each step you take, the natural scenery will change before your eyes, and there will always be a beautiful surprise awaiting you.

This excursion is great way to reconnect with nature; to stop and smell the flowers, and observe your surroundings. Going on foot will ensure that you don't bypass all of the beautiful subtle treasures that nature has to offer. 

With every footstep, the panorama will transform in front of you, and you will be constantly amazed by the variation.

The proposed hike is suitable for all types of people.

The guide will bring you to see natural beautiful lakes, mountains, trees and arctic flowers, where you will enjoy and breathe the beauty and purity of the enchanting islands.