U Fly Aerobatics Flight Experience

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U Fly Aerobatics Flight Experience

  The ultimate aerobatic flight training experience! Learn how to LOOP and ROLL an aerobatic training aircraft - the Robin 2160i - with a highly qualified and experienced aerobatic flight over the skies of Sydney. No previous flying experience is required!

Upon arrival, your instructor will take you to the aircraft and provide a pre-flight briefing on various aspects of the flight, including how to operate the controls and safety harness. Your instructor will strap you into the aircraft, start the engine and taxi for take-off.

After take-off, you will be shown how to fly level, climb, turn and descend as you make your way over the western suburbs of Sydney.

   Upon arrival in the dedicated training area your instructor will teach you how to perform the aerobatic manoeuvres of the LOOP and ROLL. It's like your very own roller-coaster ride, controlled by YOU!

On the way home, you will have the opportunity to see what the Robin 2160i aerobatic trainer is really capable of, with your instructor demonstrating the aerobatic capability of the Robin with speeds up to 325km/h and G forces up to +6G’s!

If the weather conditions are suitable, you may even have the opportunity to fly the aircraft all the way to the landing!