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Trekking to Roca Negra Hut on Cerro Lopez from Bariloche image 1
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Trekking to Roca Negra Hut on Cerro Lopez from Bariloche

If you like trekking and you are in Bariloche for a few days, this is the trek for you. This is an unforgettable half-day trek on Cerro Lopez. You can start at 8am or at 1pm. We will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off, and you will be able to reach a high point on one of the most magnificent mountains outside Bariloche. The open view of this excursion will allow you to admire the mountain region and the deep blue lakes from Nahuel Huapi National Park. If you have kids and they are used to trekking this can be the perfect family outdoor activity.

Let us know where you are staying in Bariloche so we can pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the beginning of the trail. Tie up your shoes laces and begin a hike inside the magical tall forest of Coihues and Cipresses de la Cordillera (Southern beeches and Patagonian cypresses) along the Lopez stream. Soon, the trail will get steeper and allow you to start admiring the huge blue lakes and the magnitude of the mountain that you are climbing while you hear the sound of waterfalls and singing birds. We will take the chance to tell you about the wildlife that you can find here, like condors and you might even be lucky to see woodpeckers knocking on tree trunks 

Gradually, the forest will turn into a different kind of trees, Lengas another variety of Southern beech that turns its leaves into a strong red color and drops them in winter. We will make brief stops to drink water, have a snack or adjust clothes layers if necessary. You will continue gaining altitude inside the forest and arrive to the mountain hut. It takes approximately 1 hour to reach this mountain hut. 

You can enjoy a snack or a beer while admiring the unbelievable views. We will explain you about the geology of the place and you will learn to identify the signs of the glaciers that disappeared millions of years ago. Then, you will start to go down by the same trail that we went up. The way down might take us less than an hour. Then, your guide will drive you back to your hotel.

Note: If you come in winter (June, July, August), you might have snow, so think about having adequate shoes and clothes.