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The Real Soccer Experience in Buenos Aires

As you may know Fútbol (the Argentinian way of saying Soccer) is a passion in this latitudes, but it goes way beyond Boca and River, two of  the most recognizable teams in the world and this is why we are bringing you this new oportunity. You will feel first hand the way the locals feel about this sport.

Fútbol in Argentina is a passion that doesn´t mind about races, religions or anything else, it actually brings everyone together (or apart) when it comes to supporting your team, in every inch of the country football soccer is lived and breathed we have teams in every neighbourhood and each has their own background story, so this is a chance in a lifetime for you, you will get to know the teams and neighbourhoods you haven´t seen or heard before and enjoy an actual football match to get to see the real passion behind the supporters and you won´t see any Boca or River match, but a smaller team's life-experience.

In this tour you will get to see a different side of the fútbol passion with the safety and comfort you haven´t seen. Buenos Aires is home to  more than 15 clubs and each has their own stadium. So why focusing on just 2 of them? When all of them have an amazing background story that will make you get to know the city in a much more comprehensive way. 

You will be accompanied by a football fan who will let you know about everything you need to know, because in Argentina we are all fútbol fans, one way or the other.