The End of the World Train Admission Ticket

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The End of the World Train Admission Ticket

  The End of the World train relives the last 7km of the original convict train which run in Ushuaia from 1910 to 1947. Onboard the train you will listen the history in different languages and you will be delighted with the magnificent fueguian landscapes, composed by rivers, cascades, forests and mountains, travelling through inaccessible parts of the Tierra del Fuego National Park. This railway works all year long with steam locomotives and has a gauge of 50 cm., one of the narrowest gauges in the world.

The train departs from the End of the World station. After 10 minutes, the train arrives to "La Macarena" station, where it stops for 15 minutes. In that station, passengers can get off the train, take some pictures and walk two different footpaths. 

Once time is up, the train guard will blow the whistle in order to let the passengers know it's time to continue the trip. After that, the train departs from "La Macarena" station and 5 minutes from there, the train enters the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Inside the National Park, the train enters the "Tree Cemetry", an area where you will be able to see the rest of the trees which were cut by the prisoners over 110 years ago.


Crossing over the Pipo river and the "Turbal", after 1 hour the train arrives to the National Park station. 

If you have hired an excursion inside the National Park, usually your guides and transport are waiting for you at the last station.

If you decide to do a roundtrip excursion, after the locomotive changes the position, the train goes back to the main station. The aproximate duration for the roundtrip excursion is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Another option is to take the morning train, get off at the National Park station and go walking inside the National Park. The nearest point is Ensenada Bay; a beautiful place where you will find the last postal mail office and a beautiful coastal trail. If you do this, you can return in the 1pm or 4pm train (departing from the National Park station to the End of the World station).

You will be accompanied during all the trip with a guide and a guard who will be at your entire disposal and listening all the information in Spanish, English and Portuguese. There are also various brochures in different languages which are provided to those passengers who do not speak Spanish, English or Portuguese.