Stately Swagger Adelaide Walking Tour

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Stately Swagger Adelaide Walking Tour

   Join an easy-paced 2 hour small-group walking tours around upper North Adelaide adjacent to the city of Adelaide. The focus of these tours is on history, heritage and culture and covers not only the architecture and history of the varying buildings but also the people who have been associated with them, and the stories about Adelaide's development from colonial times to today. Most of the sites visited are public institutions, statues and monuments as well as private homes and tour participants, whether locals, interstate or from overseas get to experience the essence of what Adelaide is all about.

Wellington Hotel - Introduction including brief history of Adelaide and North Adelaide and its development, route of tour, duration and other housekeeping.  Discuss Wellington Hotel and its history.  (10 min) Wellington Square - Discuss history of square, significance (5 min) City Land Investment Company Sub-Division - Discuss history, significance, area covered (7 min) Victorian Mansion - History, architecture, previous occupants ( 3 min) St Dominic's Priory - History, previous and current usage - pioneering connection ( 5 min) Zephyrside - History - connection to Australian Rules Football 

  (6 min) Two-storey house - previous occupants  - history (6 min) Interwar Bungalow - History, occupants (4 min) Sidegarth - History, Pioneering family connection (5 min) St Laurence's Church & Priory - History, architecture (7 min) Red brick Edwardian residence - architecture (3 min) Buxton House - History, previous occupants including Sir Josiah Symon (7 min) Victorian sandstone residence - architecture (2 min) The previous "Corner Store" - architecture (3 min) Sandstone residence - 1870's - architecture (3 min) Regency Style dwellings - History, occupants, architecture (3 min) Bluestone Semi-detached houses - Architecture (3 min) Victorian Limestone dwelling - 1870's - architecture (3 min) Veda, previously Greenhill Galleries - History, occupants (5 min) Semi-detached 1870's-1880's dwellings - Architecture (4 min) Workers Cottages - 1840's - 1860's - History (4 min) House - connection to early pioneer - architecture (6 min) Cottage - 1850 - occupant history (5 min) Bay fronted Sandstone Residence - 1870's-1880's - Architecture (4 min) Bay fronted Sandstone Residence - 1880's - architecture (4 min) Bluestone Villas - Architecture (3 min)