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Social Tango Tour Including a Visit to a Local Milonga image 1
74 €

Social Tango Tour Including a Visit to a Local Milonga

Experience real tango with a visit to a real Milonga. These are tango social clubs, where locals gather to dance tango following the traditions of this popular dance. Learn the basic steps of tango and the basic rules that rule among the dancers. If you are curious about the traditions and lifestyle of portenos this is the perfect tour for you.

Your tour begins with pick up from your hotel. Depending on the day of the week, your tour operator will select one of the most traditional tango social clubs to show you how locals gather to dance tango. Once there, you will get to know about the rules that dancers have to follow, including techniques, dress code and, more interesting, how to invite someone else to join them for a dance. The atmosphere is magical and you will feel like you're inside an old movie.

While the dance floor at some of the traditional milongas is still out-of-bounds to inexperienced dancers, you will go there to watch, others are more relaxed with many offering beginner’s classes, and also live orchestras. If you are a tango dancer, you can dance or, if you prefer, you can enjoy having a drink and watching.

Please note that this is not a tango show. Also, if you have any preference about which milonga you would like to visit, let your guide know and they will try to accommodate your request.