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Private Tour: Half-Day History of Schönbrunn Palace image 1
415 $

Private Tour: Half-Day History of Schönbrunn Palace

Visit Schönbrunn's magnificent formal gardens and explore the Baroque landscaping over the course of 3-hours. Visit the "Porcelain Room", completely done in imitation of precious china. Study the unique Rococo "Millions Room", to take in the beauty of the rococo frames and wall hangings.

Begin the day with meeting your guide who will assist you in attaining tickets for the Schönbrunn Palace. Then, start with a stroll through the magnificent formal gardens, exploring the Baroque landscaping principle of interlaced nature and architecture that is illustrated everywhere in the layout of the grounds. Approaching the Gloriette, a huge triumphal arch situated on a hilltop with panoramic views of Vienna’s woods, your guide will recall the military victories that made Empress Maria Theresa’s reign 

Pay a visit to the Franz-Joseph and Elisabeth Apartments and listen as your guide tells you the story of a couple torn apart by the burdens of state. Walk through each lavish room to gather an ample sense of opulence in the 1800s. See the dining room that holds precious tableware and “imperial napkins” in the form of a “fleur de lys”. Proceed on the tour to the Hall of Ceremonies, Porcelain Room, Millions Room, and Millions Chamber. Once your tour comes to an end, bid farewell to your guide.