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160 $

Private Jewish Tour in Buenos Aires

The Jewish community in Buenos Aires is the third biggest in the world, and has left its mark in the city. Along this interesting private tour, you will visit the places that have been historically associated with the community, that are nowadays part of the city’s cultural heritage.

The tour begins at Once (Jewish Quarter), one of the neighborhoods where the community first settled upon arrival. Nowadays it is still the Jewish district par excellence. There, you will see their shops, synagogues, schools, theaters and Jewish Community Center.
Together with your private guide you will get into Great Temple Paso, a beautiful synagogue created by Ashkenazi Jews.

Then you will see the AMIA´ s new building, which stands for Israelite Mutual Association of Argentina (Jewish Federation). Its original building was destroyed in 1994, in a terrorist attack where 85 people died. This is one of the most traditional institutions in Argentina. It is in charge of encouraging Jewish culture in the country, preserving its traditions and promoting the community´ s development.
The tour continues in the Israel Embassy Square, which suffered in 1992 a brutal terrorist attack. The square was built in the place where the embassy once stood.

Then you will head towards the center of Buenos Aires. The tour will stop first at Lavalle square, where it is placed the Palace of Justice. There you will see the monument to the victims of the AMIA, a traditional venue of the organization Memoria Activa, which every Monday meets to demand the clarification of the attack. Lavalle Square is also home to the most traditional Ashkenazi synagogue, the Libertad Temple. You will take a guided visit to this amazing Byzantine style temple, which was Buenos Aires’ first synagogue.

Next to it stands the Jewish Museum, where you will find objects related to the Jewish presence in Buenos Aires, like pieces of religious art, menorahs and various objects belonging both to the Sephardic and Ashkenazi cultures. To finish this interesting trip along the icons of Jewish culture in Buenos Aires, you will head towards the political center of Buenos Aires.

Once in May square (Plaza de Mayo) you will get into the Metropolitan Cathedral. There you will admire the homage that the Catholic church made to the Jewish community.