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Original Bajan Walking Food Tour image 1
66 €

Original Bajan Walking Food Tour

Barbados’ first walking food tour will take you on an exciting journey as you traverse the streets and by-ways of this island’s largest and most vibrant town. Experience true Barbadian cuisine and indulge in the rich history that Bridgetown has to offer. This tour offers you a full Bajan experience.

Barbados lies within one of the world’s largest culinary melting pots, the Caribbean. It is no secret then that this island boasts some of the finest cuisine to tantalize the most sophisticated of taste buds. Enjoy this historic and cultural experience! An enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide shares their knowledge on Bridgetown’s architectural gems, local food treasures and the history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Expect to be on the tour for about three hours, along a modest 1.5 mile walk, where you will not only become enriched with the history of one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean, but also get to eat where the locals eat and enjoying great Bajan cuisine. You will surely enjoy this off-the-beaten path tour with multiple food stops, as you eat and hang with the locals.