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Ohana Winery Exotic Fruit Orchard and Wine Tasting Tour image 1
19 $

Ohana Winery Exotic Fruit Orchard and Wine Tasting Tour

Ohana Winery and Exotic Fruits is located in sub-tropical Queensland. Here you will experience an interactive exotic fruit orchard tour with fruit tastings. Following this you will enjoy a personalized cellar wine tasting with the winemaker, sampling all of the unique wines and liqueurs on offer.

The tour starts by taking an interactive tour of the exotic fruit orchard containing over 50 species of fruit from all over the world. As part of the orchard tour, visitors will enjoy a tasting of any in season fruit that will definitely challenge the senses.

After the orchard tour you will receive a personalized wine tasting with the winemaker in his working cellar. Here you will taste a range of fruit wines, liqueurs and ports, plus a specialized range of grape wines. This tour package at Ohana Winery is a truly authentic regional Australian experience.

The whole experience will last just over an hour, unless you wish to stay for one of the gourmet lunch platters. The winery is located 50 minutes from Hervey Bay (the home of Fraser Island) and 40 minutes from Bundaberg (the home of Bundaberg Rum). From Brisbane it is only a 3.5 hour drive.