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Multi-Day Fishing Safaris from Darwin Staying On Board the Mother Ship image 1
8 $

Multi-Day Fishing Safaris from Darwin Staying On Board the Mother Ship

Extended safaris on board the Mother Ship are designed best for keen anglers to fish the remote untouched rivers and experience explosive Barramundi fishing with professional guides. Safaris will venture to Moyle River, Little Moyle River, Mini Mini system, Marry River, Anson Bay Creeks and Melville Island and more. Extended Mother Ship safaris are available during the months of February - May (the “run off” period) and September - December (the “build up” for wet season).

'Run off' period is the time of the year when the wet season monsoon rains have finished and the fresh water is running off the wetlands pouring a lot of food into the main river for the hungry Barramundi.

'Build up' period is the time of year all big Barramundi gather in numbers at the mouth of Big Rivers such as Marry, Moyle and Little Moyle and get ready for spawning season.  

These safaris on board the Mother Ship depart from Cullen Bay Darwin. All extended Mother Ship safaris are tailor made for remote destinations, and will be designed depending upon your preferences & needs. Travel time and departure time can vary depending on destination. Once you set sail, you can enjoy a cold beverage and watch the beautiful surrounding.

On the last day of the safari, you will depart at approximately 6pm and arrive back to Darwin at 8am.

During this trip you will experience Big Barramundi in the Rivers and Reef fishing where you can target the powerful Black Jewfish, Salmon and Snapper. Mother ship safaris are ideal for fishing remote locations of the territory with minimum travel everyday from home base mother ship anchored at your door step.