Kings Canyon Guided Rim Walk

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Kings Canyon Guided Rim Walk

  From Kings Canyon Resort, join your guide on the rocky climb to the rim of Kings Canyon for superb views of Watarrka National Park. The climb takes up to three hours, and requires a good level of fitness.

Located in the heart of Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon lies in an ancient Australian landscape that is sacred ground for the Ulpanyali and Lilla people.

In Kings Canyon, make the rocky climb with your guide to the rim of the canyon to be rewarded with marvelous views over Watarrka National Park. The climb may take up to three hours and is for those with a good level of fitness.

The 6-kilometre Rim Walk is a once in a lifetime experience. Climb up a 100-metre cliff face and walk around the rim of the canyon. Marvel at impressive views of sandstone walls, grottos, chasms and cliffs.

Deep down between sandstone cliffs, is the Garden of Eden. Here is a natural spring waterhole surrounded by local and exotic plants and trees such as gums, bonsai looking trees and enormous prehistoric ferns, creating a truly unique landscape.


For those who do not wish to do the rim walk, the boulder-strewn creek bed is an easier shady walk following the trail between the two sheer walls of the canyon. The Creek Bed Walk is ideal if you’re interested in something more relaxing. After taking in the sights, set off on a 2-kilometre stroll along the creek bed, with views of the impressive canyon rim.

Please Note:
During the hotter months of the year where temperatures can reach and exceed 36° C or 97° F, the Watarrka National Park Rangers strongly advise that visitors do not take part in the Kings Canyon Rim Climb. In this drier desert climate heat exhaustion, over these hotter months, is a very high possibility and a danger in such remote regions. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all clients, a guided walk along the Kings Canyon creek-bed is offered as an alternative.