Inner City Highlights Private Tour in Vienna

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Inner City Highlights Private Tour in Vienna

  The most comprehensive introductory tour of Vienna’s City. - The perfect half day for first time visitors.
Starting with an introduction to Vienna’s excellent, cheap and simple public transportation system.
This 3 and a half hour tour introduces you to 3 of Vienna’s Attractions – Belvedere, Ring/Heldenplatz, St. Stephen’s Cathedral
As a private walking tour we are flexible when it comes to starting points and times. Lot of suggestions what else can be discovered in Vienna.
Weather permitting there will be a surprise “rooftop view” part of the tour.
One break at a typical Café or hidden Beer Garden is part of the schedule.

Starting at your hotel/accommodation we use the underground and/or tram to reach Belvedere Hill. The hillside baroque gardens offer the best view of the Inner City. Known from “Woman in Gold” the Belvedere is still home of Klimt’s “Kiss”.
By tram passing the Soviet Monument, Karlsplatz and State Opera we reach the monumental part of the Ring. The panorama made up by Hofburg/Heldenplatz, Parliament, City Hall and Burgtheater is one of the worlds outstanding urban creations (here, pictures are better taken before noon).

Freyung is surrounded by noble palaces of the domineering families of the early 18th century. Discover impressive passages and staircases. Friday and Saturday a small market ads charm to this traditional square.
Leaving Café Central – where Trotsky and Stalin once drank coffee – behind we try to get a glimpse of Demel’s secret museum of pastry masterpieces.
The stretch between the Hofburg Gate and the Cathedral traditionally is the most prestigious for hundreds of years – now shop-rental-costs make it into the top ten worldwide.
Peterskirche and Pestsaeule (plague column) are so much more than nice pieces of architecture – documents of the bloody religious violence that plagued Central Europe in the 17th century.
Finally, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, manmade rock of faith in the heart of Europe.
Vienna is so much more than a cluster of interesting architecture and juicy anecdotes. A place of ideas and ideologies of art and violent clashes – let the city surprise you!