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Heritage Museum of The Bahamas Nassau Tour

Museum guides will walk you through the heritage and history of the Bahamas. The tours offers visitors an in-depth look at the history and heritage of the Bahamas from pre-historic times to current day set in historic Mountbatten House. This is a history buff’s dream!

The Heritage Museum of The Bahamas opened in July 2014, and is the foundation of Graycliff's new Heritage Village. Located in the historically preserved Mountbatten House on West Hill Street, the museum offers visitors an in depth look at the history and heritage of The Bahamas, ranging from the prehistoric times to today.

The majority of the collection exhibited at the museum is owned by Hamilton White, a well-known British antiques collector. Mr. White's expansive collection greatly complements all that lies on historical West Hill Street, with relics and treasures spanning the centuries to include natural history and fossils, the days of Columbus, the piracy era, slavery and plantation life, the Maritimes of the 18th century, life in the out islands during the early 1900's, the days of the Duke of Windsor, the Royal Air Force, Bahamas Speed Weeks, and so much more.... The oldest of artifacts being a slice of a meteorite which is approximately 4.5 billion years old.

The Graycliff Heritage Museum is a great venue for history buffs. Open Monday to Saturday from 9am - 5pm.