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Glass House Mountains Rock Climbing Experience  image 1
107 $

Glass House Mountains Rock Climbing Experience

A unique climbing experience suitable for complete beginner to intermediate climbers on an ancient, volcanic peak with spectacular scenery, located just over an hour's drive north of Brisbane. This adventure gives you a full day of rock climbing starting off at small cliffs and working your way up to the summit cliff face. Your professional guide/s will be on hand to offer basic technique to help you to complete this mental and physical challenge. Your guide will be there to ensure to participant ratios are kept small ensuring you get the most out of your experience.

This adventure and the surrounding eucalyptus forest will take your breath away in more ways than one! Anyone with a sense of adventure or a love of the outdoors is bound to enjoy this challenge. This mountain range with its unusual array of domes, cones and spires are the result of volcanic activity millions of years ago make for an outstanding climbing location.

Your qualified guide will meet you at the Mt Ngungun car park at 7:45am. Your guide will begin with an introduction and then divide the climbing gear up between the participants to carry in. Please bring a back pack (25L) to carry your allocated climbing gear, as well as your personal items.

The walk in can take up to 1 hour, as it is approximately 1.4km from the car park to the summit. Once you are at the first climbing site, take a breather while your guide sets up your climbing ropes. Once your safety induction is completed, find a climbing partner and get going. There will be different grades of difficulty set up. Your guide will most likely shift sites during the day. You'll climb until approximately 1:30pm, at which point, your guide will dismantle the set-up, the gear will then be divided up again for the walk back to the car park. Your guide endeavors to be back at the car park by approximately 2:30pm.