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69 $

Full Day Tour to Humahuaca Ravine

In this tour to Humauaca Gorge you´ll discover some of the most breathtaking landscapes that Jujuy offers, like Seven Colours Hill and the town of Purmamarca.

In this tour, you will leave Salta City in the direction to “San Salvador de Jujuy”, traveling along the National Road Nº 34 and Nº 9. It is from here that the journey will start by visiting the wonderful towns that make up “La Quebrada de Humahuaca” (The Humahuaca Gorge).

The first town that you'll visit will be Purmamarca, where the incredible “Cerro de Siete Colores” (Seven Colors Hill) is located. You will walk through the principal square where craftsmen get together to show and sell their artwork; afterwards you can visit the beautiful church, which has an important local history. After that from the road, you'll have time to admire the famous “Paleta del Pintor Hill”.

The next stop will be in Humahuca Town, where you will have lunch and take some time around the town observing its beautiful buildings and the impressive “Monumento de la Independencia” (Independence Monument).

On your way back, you'll get to visit Uquia´s Chapel, built 700 years ago with an altar covered in gold. You will also get to see Cuzsco school´s priceless paintings. From there, you can go to Huacalera where you can see a little monument that demonstrates the point that the imaginary line of Tropic of Capricorn crosses.  From there, you will go to Tilcara Town where you will likewise walk through its square and visit its church. Then its time for a visit to the Anthropology Museum in order to learn about how our predecessors lived. Lastly, you will visit “Las Ruinas Incaicas del Pucara de Tilcara” (Inca Ruins), which date back to a society even older than that of the famous Incas. Finally, it'll be time to return to Salta City.