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99 €

Explore Vienna: Private Waltz Tuition

Let us invite you to Vienna's most elegant Private Viennese Waltz and Ballroom Tuition in privatized 19th century Viennese Palace Ballrooms. Experience the secrets of the 200-years-old Viennese Waltz with your private instructor in an authentic way. Vienna Private Waltz Lessons at its finest. Year-round, flexible timing, multi-lingual staff.

Once you meet at a the Private Dance Academy, close to the famous Vienna Concert Hall and Strauss Monument, you can get ready for an hour of authentic Viennese cultural and social heritage, experienced through the Original Viennese Waltz dance. You will also surely enjoy the privatized stunning 19th century Palais Boutique Ballroom, where the class will take place, including your personal private instructor.

You will learn the basics of the Original Viennese Waltz, namely the most important movements and body postures, the formal Ballroom Etiquette and some useful tips and tricks in order to be able to successfully dance the Viennese Waltz at a Gala or Ball. Furthermore, due to the nature of the private tuition, your instructor will be assisting with detailed questions regarding the dance.