Eco-Village Tours from Belize City

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Eco-Village Tours from Belize City

  A simple way to learn about the culture and nature of Belize. This tours include green and nature building, museum of rainforest treasures, birding courtyard and edible garden. Nature trail and Epiphyte Alley, Green Iguana Sanctuary, choice of lake tubing and swimming or tapir trace to walk. Shuttle start from the Tourist Village at 8:30am or 10:30am. Back to Belize City at 1pm or 3pm. Lunch is included with a coffee or tea, tropical fruits, 3 course dishes, fruits juice.

This tour includes the following four sections:

Section One: Green Building and Museum of Rainforest Treasures
This guided tour explains why Green Building is also called The Museum of Rain Forest Treasures. Here you will see:
Green Building & Nature Building
The nature lights The ventilation of building The rain collection The irrigation of plants
Museum of Rainforest Treasures
The survive of Mayan Milpa The Wood change the history of Belize The National Tree The Artistry of Nature The Palm is not a Palm The plants from outer space (rumors) The national flowers The mother of cacoo The highest and hardest grass Section Two: The Birding Courtyard and Edible Garden
The Duck Pond The Birding Courtyard The Edible Garden Section Three: Nature Trail and Epiphyte Alley
Oak and Pine Cowboy, lady, bad boy & bad girl of Savannah Bush Two of most common seen wild fruits tree of Savannah Bush Zamia: the plant from Dinosaurs era Section Four: Artificial Wetland, the Iguana Lake
The Artificial Wetland The protection of Savannah Bush The water source of washing and irrigation The wildlife Sanctuary At the end of your tour you will be able to enjoy a lake tubing activity or simply you can enjoy a swimming in the lake!