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Buenos Aires Craft Beer Walk in San Telmo image 1
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Buenos Aires Craft Beer Walk in San Telmo

Craft Beer is booming in Buenos Aires. This walking tour visits four local breweries, where you will try 10 different beers throughout the night. You'll stop at one of the neighborhood's tastiest empanada shops for a snack, and enjoy a "picada", or a favorite local snack comprised of meats, cheeses, and other things to nibble at the last bar.

Explore Buenos Aires' recent boom of microbreweries in the vibrant San Telmo neighborhood, and discover that Argentine beer is so much more than Quilmes, the ubiquitous beer found in every bar and grocery store.

Argentina's emerging craft beer scene is flourishing with local brewers who are taking South American indigenous ingredients and brewing tasty beers. Learn how the local economy influenced the rise of this local producers, how beer is sometimes used a political tool, and how Argentine beer influenced beer around the world.

Try styles new and old (like the Incan Quinoa beer) and learn about the history and influences of Argentine beer, while visiting microbreweries that are pushing the country into the international brewing arena. This walking tour stops at four different breweries. You will try 10 different beers throughout the night, paired with some favorite Argentine snacks such as empanadas and cured meats.