Alternative Off-the-Beaten Pub Crawl in Vienna

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Alternative Off-the-Beaten Pub Crawl in Vienna

  Are you ready to experience a night out in Vienna like a local? Then you have to be prepared for a blast! We are taking you to places, which are hidden secrets and not mentioned in any guidebooks. Places so alternative and cool that you will love us for bringing you there!

Vienna is a mulitcultural city, which is the center of Europe, where for centuries the most powerful kings from all over Europe came together and have hedonistic orgies. We would like to continue this tradition with showing you the best of the bests!

These bars and clubs reflect the local people´s lifestyle and you can gain insight into the real Viennese nightlife. 

Our goal is to show you the secret places, which you otherwise would not even search and make your night as enjoyable as possible. The
adventure we prepared offers you outstanding music, fair prices and a once in a life time experience.


We meet at an unique venue with a possibility  to play the famous Viennese tabletop soccer( we call it "Wuzzelturnier") and following this you get to explore the various music and culture bars, which offer you from drinks over live music to art installations everything a night in Vienna should include.

The end of our tour will be the beginning of a club night in a selected club with high quality music choice and with awesome drink specials, if you are not already too "tired"

 The alternative pub crawl´s destinations are always changing so please let us surprise you.

Of course you can email us if you want to know the details about a specific night and we let you know what we have already planned.